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Photographer Leeds – Light Night Leeds 2016 photographs

Photographer Leeds – Light Night in Leeds – photography Leeds city centre

Light Night in Leeds was a big success in 2016.  The free public arts festival drew thousands of people into the city centre for a parade and dramatic sound & light installations.

The centre piece of the event was the Illuminos presentation of “The Phoenix in the Stone.” This was a lighting show projected onto Leeds Civic Hall at Millennium Square. My own favourite art installation was Victoria Quarter’s stunning “disco balls.”

If you’re looking for architectural and cityscape images of Leeds  you can see some of our work on display at YumYum, Brewery Wharf.  There’s also a gallery of some of our favourite Leeds photos here.

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architectural photographer Leedswedding photography Leedsphotography corporate Leeds

Commission Photographs Leeds – View of Royal Armouries from Roberts Wharf

Commission Photographs Leeds – photographer commissions Leeds – commission photographers in Leeds

Paula was contacted by a resident at Roberts Wharf in Leeds who loves the view from his balcony.  He has a great view across to Royal Armouries and Clarence Dock.  Paula’s challenge was to capture a high quality image so that it could be framed as a large 20 x 30 inch photograph for his lounge wall.

The first consideration was what time of day would give the best effect and we agreed on sunset to try and get a coloured sky.  It all turned out as beautifully as we hoped!  The client’s photograph was printed at one of the UK’s top professional print labs and has a 75 year warranty.  Enough to last a lifetime!

If you have a beautiful view and would like to commission an image of it to keep forever please get in touch.

Commission Photographs Leeds, photographer commissions Leeds, Roberts Wharf

Lovin’ Leeds offers a range of beautiful images of our city for stock and home use.  Just ask if you’d like to see images in our collection.  There are plenty more on this site and on Paula’s Ollievision Photography site.

Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

Commission Photographs Leeds – architectural photography Leedsphotographer Leeds

Leeds Christmas Lights Photography – Scenes of Leeds at Christmas

Leeds Christmas lights photography – stock photos Leeds – Christmas Leeds – Trinity Leeds images

Leeds is a fabulous city to visit at Christmas.  We have extensive displays of Christmas lights, fabulous shopping centres and stores, excellent restaurants & listed buildings all in a compact city centre that’s easy to walk around.

Lovin’ Leeds supplies photography for PR, stock and wall art of the Leeds & Yorkshire areas.  Please get in touch to discuss purchase or licensing of our images.  We have a huge range of commercial, social & architectural images from sites and events around the city.  Make your life easier by dealing direct with the photographers!

Both Paula & Karl of Lovin’ Leeds live in the city.  Our local knowledge can help you find the correct type of images you require to enhance your home, publication or company website.  We have images of most key buildings and places of interest in the city centre.


Leeds Trinity shopping centre christmas lights,

Leeds Trinity shopping centre Christmas lights 2013

 Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

photography Leeds – architectural photographer Leedscommercial photography Leeds

Photographs of Leeds, Yorkshire – panoramic views from Bridgewater Place skyscraper

bridgewater place Leeds – photographs of Leeds – Leeds images

Bridgewater Place Panorama 1

Pano 1 Starts with Candle House on the left, Headingley Stadium, University, Town Hall (and most major city centre landmarks), Civic Hall, Markets, Corn Exchange, Arena, Trinity.  This image is an 18 photo panorama and contains much more detail than a standard photograph.  The recommended minimum print size for canvas is 2 metres long.  The image is so sharp that where clocks appear, eg on the Town Hall, you can clearly see the time!  See the example at the bottom of the page.

Ollievision-100-Ollievision-100-pano 1


Bridgewater Place Panorama 2

Ollievision-100-pano 2a_1

Pano 2 starts at Leeds railway station and includes all the city centre locations mentioned above, plus The Calls, Leeds Minster, Gateway, Brewery Wharf.


Price: £199 for a professionally produced 2 metre (6ft 6in) long canvas.  Pano 1 will be slightly narrower than pano 2 as they are different formats.  Delivery to your home or office usually costs £10 in the Leeds/Bradford area.  Each canvas is printed to order at the size you require.  It is possible to have the images supplied as sections, eg three canvasses, which are then displayed together or apart.

To view other images taken from Bridgewater Place click here   If you require images OF Bridgewater Place please get in touch as we have several that may be of interest to you.

To view The Pinnacle Panorama, which is also suitable for large size print, click here

images of Leeds, photos of Leeds to buy

The Pinnacle Panorama

 crop showing detail from pano 1Ollievision-100-pano 1

Please note, these images are strictly copyright and are only available via Lovin’ Leeds, Ollievision Photography, Mark Pearson Printing & YumYum at Brewery Wharf.  If you see them for sale elsewhere please notify us!


Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

 buy photos of Leeds – views from Bridgewater Place – wall art Leeds

Leeds cityscapes – Fabulous views from Bridgewater Place skyscraper

Leeds cityscapes photos of Leeds – views from Bridgewater Place

 Thanks to the owner of one of Leeds’ finest apartments I was able to secure these fabulous views from a high floor at Bridgewater Place.  I attended the apartment to shoot the architectural interiors and the views from the windows.  The apartment is one of only two that have a 180 degree “full bullnose” view.  The stunning views take in the whole city and the countryside surrounding it, it’s really impossible to do the views justice as each room has a different aspect.  The images on this page are all single shot images.  We also have multiple image panoramas available that may be printed large enough to fill a whole wall!  Click here to see them.

Bridgewater Place was Leeds first skyscraper and stands 32 storeys high.  It’s a mixture of office & residential, with the finest apartments being those on the higher floors.

Can you see your home or office on these photographs?  They are all suitable for large size print and make lovely gifts or office decor!  Just get in touch if you’d like to order one.

If you require a huge, high quality image for your office foyer then we have the Pinnacle Panorama available which has a minimum recommended print size of 2 metres long.  We will son have large format panoramas from Bridgewater Place available.

If you live at Bridgewater Place or another Leeds skyscraper and would like your views capturing professionally please contact us.  Depending on your location we may be able to offer free or reduced price shoots!


photos of leeds, leeds cityscapes

Looking towards St James Hospital from Bridgewater Place



Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

cityscape Leeds – photos of Leeds Yorkshire – Bridgewater Place views

for wedding photography Leeds click here for Ollievision

Stock Photos Leeds – unusual images of Leeds to enhance your website or office

stock photos Leeds – photography Leeds stock – license photos of Leeds

Are you searching for images of Leeds to use on your website, publication or to decorate your office?

Lovin’ Leeds specialise in Leeds city images for stock use or display.  We own the copyright to all the images displayed on this site and can agree licensing directly with you.  These images have not been submitted to other stock photography suppliers so are available only here.

Cut out the hours of searching online stock libraries!  Just give us a call and describe what you are looking for.  Click here for more information about our stock photography.

If you’re looking for something different or unusual check out some of our special edits below!  These were created for a client who wanted striking, abstract images to decorate his website.  They are available in all colours to complement your colour scheme.

Our images of Leeds, Yorkshire, are suitable for a variety of uses including large format print.

stock photos of leedslicense images of leedsOllievision-300-I45B6434_2.JPGleeds city view yorkshirebuy leeds photosstock photography

stock photos Leeds, leeds bridgewater place, skyscaper Leeds

Bridgewater Place, Leeds, Yorkshire

Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision

Leeds stock photos – stock photos Leeds – unusual images of Leeds

commercial photographers Leeds

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer Leeds then you can contact Ollievision Photography here.

Stock photography Leeds – Images of Leeds for your website or publication

stock photography Leeds – images of Leeds – commercial photos Leeds

Lovin’ Leeds are pleased to announce our stock photography collection.  This is available on monthly license or a one off fee per image.   For some time Karl & Paula have been collecting images of modern Leeds, including architectural points of interest and busy scenes of city life.  We now have what we believe is the best library of city images available from a single source.  This saves you time when trying to track down the images you need – you can deal direct with the photographer and simply describe what you want!

Please contact Paula on 0787 292 4103 so that we can discuss what your requirements are.

Paula will ask you questions including:

What buildings are you seeking images of?

Are you looking for architectural shots or images of people/busy streets/shops/products for sale?

What do you intend to use the images for right now?

What might you want to use them for in the future?

What is your budget?

As independent photographers who live and work in Leeds, Lovin’ Leeds are ideally placed to fulfil your company stock photography needs.  Contract clients are also able to suggest a “wish list” of sites and images to be taken for supply during the term of their contract.  This helps us determine where to go and what kinds of images should be taken at a location.

We are also approved as Google Trusted Photographers and able to supply 360 panoramic images to the Google specification for inclusion in your Google Places listing & website.


photography stock Leeds, buy Leeds photos

leeds yorkshire imagesunite building leeds, leeds arena imagephotos of leedsviews of leedsstock photography leedsbridgewater place images leedsleeds at night, river viewsleeds at night, photos of leedsphotography leeds imagesphotos of leeds arcades

Article By Paula Brown of Ollievision


stock photographs of Leeds – pictures of Leeds – stock photography Leeds


Lovin’ Leeds is nearly ready!

This website is currently under construction!  Please bear with us.

If you need to contact us to discuss image usage or display Paula’s details are on the contact page.